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Catch and Release Project Party

I am so excited to share this project with you! When Mathew aka Mister Domestic asked for makers for his fabric line for Art Gallery Fabrics, called Catch And Release, I immediately knew it would be perfect for this quilt I had been dreaming up.


My husband (aka The Man Behind The Quilts) suggested that he actually get in the middle of the river for the pic. We definitely had to scramble down a steep bank and carefully step from rock to rock to get there. The bottom few inches of my jeans are still wet as I’m typing this. The lengths we go to for a “Quilt in the Wild” pic.

As you can tell by the name, this collection is inspired by fishing and it features some pretty fancy little fish, canoes, paddles, and other prints, (including a text print that says “Drink Coffee” so I’m definitely on board).


I’ve decided to name this quilt pattern “Teddy” after Theodore Laurence from “Little Women”. Laurie/Teddy/The Laurence Boy was always one of my favorite male literary characters. (And just for the record, I know I’m supposed to want to be like Jo, but the truth is that I have always identified more with Amy). I’m currently working on a second version and I will be releasing the pattern in two weeks, on September 3rd! (If you want to make sure you don’t miss it, be sure to sign up for my newsletter.)


One of the reasons I'm so excited to release this pattern is because it’s extremely beginner friendly! Or if you’re a more experienced quilter, it goes together in a snap! And the design is perfect for showcasing your favorite prints.


I think this is my first pieced back! (I mean other than just sewing two pieces of the same print together). I didn’t really measure anything except the width of the printed strips, and this is about as improv as I get. And I love how modern it looks. I also really like this quilting design, it reminds me of rippling water and I love the allover texture.

I had such a good time working on this quilt. It was just a really laid back and relaxing project, possibly kind of like a day spent fishing on the river (I wouldn’t know, I'm pretty indoorsy). Be sure to check out the rest of the makers on the Project Party (click the pic below for the landing page). I can’t wait to see what everyone else made!

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